The Student Support Center is an integral part of the support and encouragement you will receive to enhance your educational experience. Our center provides a vast array of services to assist you with advising, tutoring for your coursework, and navigating through policies.

Often times UEE students spend their free time in between classes in our computer lab, as we strive for an environment that is welcoming, nurturing and comfortable. We like to think of our department as a hub on campus. It is a place where you will always find a helping hand and friendly face. We are here to help you on your journey to graduation.



Advisor Orientations

An orientation session is offered to our students prior to the start of their course.



The Student Support Center maintains lists of the General Education requirements for students by enrollment date entry. Students are encouraged to meet with faculty to learn the exact requirements for majors and minors.


Four-tier Alert System

The UEE Student Support Center (UEE-SSC) currently uses a four-tier alert system. Each mile-stone, faculty are asked to submit alerts four times for students struggling in their classes. The alerts are staggered throughout the semester, and they are: First Absences, Early Alerts, Unsatisfactory Mid-Term Grades, and D/F Warnings. SSC contacts all students who received an alert and works with them to identify issues, find strategies for success, and access resources.


Individual Student Consultations

SSC’s goal is to help UEE’s students achieve and personal success, and SSC staff are always available for students. Students regularly drop by SSC for help with classes, study skills issues, and general questions. In addition, the Coordinator of Advising sometimes invites certain students to schedule appointments for more in-depth one-on-one work. In these cases, SSC and the student work together closely to help the student realize his/her full potential.


Individual Faculty Consultations

SSC regularly works closely with faculty to help UEE’s students achieve success. Ongoing communication between faculty and SSC personnel regarding the status of students at risk can be extremely helpful to all involved. Instructors and advisors may consult with the SSC Director or Advising Coordinator at their convenience if they have questions about a student, advising-related policies and procedures, UEE rules, advising strategies, roles and responsibilities, or any other matters relating to student retention and success.



The UEE provides tutoring for all its students at no additional charge. Tutoring is available to students in a variety of subject areas who wish to improve their academic and vocational performance or need additional support. Writing support is also available for all subjects.

UEE provides tutoring in the following areas:

  • Writing Reading
  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Study skills
  • ELNGish
  • Political Science
  • Business
  • Education




The Office of Testing and Tutorials offers academic and vocational support, learning supplementations, and enrichment for undergraduate, graduate and professional studies students. The diverse learning needs of traditional, non-traditional, and ESL students are acknowledged in this multi-sensory educational environment.

The UEE offers testing services for all Rosemont College students. To ensure that students' learning needs are met, UEE conducts standardized placement testing for first year students prior to initial course selection and registration. UEE also provides make-up testing, extended-time testing, and testing for students needing special accommodations.


Study Skills Workshops

These workshops encourage and empower students with skills that enhance their potential for success. Workshops are offered each semester in small group or individual settings and include topics such as time management, test preparation, learning styles, and note taking.


Creating Successful Students

Professional training can be a challenging experience for some students. In particular, first-generation students and other students who have no parental script to follow when it comes to making academic or social decisions about college life may find themselves overwhelmed. From the first day of classes, the SSC provides an important Connection to campus resources for all students, encouraging their academic success, integrating them into campus life, and creating a support system to ensure they will excel in college and beyond.


Empowering Students

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. That's why the SSC offers free tutoring and works with students to help them develop the study skills needed to succeed in the classroom.  For assistance in a particular course/subject matter, select your UEE location and sign up in person! And, many departments also offer private tutoring services, as well, with some available online.